Fine Arts, Art History and Italian language courses in Florence

Art workshops

Short and intensive Art lessons in Florence and Tuscany

Intensive Workshops in Art

At AdG several intensive seminars of Fine Arts are offered throughout the year (some of them on specific dates). Art workshops normally run on a weekly basis both in the morning and in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday. Each programme consists of 30 hours of lessons, which take place either in our fully equipped Art studio or outside in the heart of Florence or in its surroundings.

Classes are held both in Italian and English.

Special offer

Students enrolling in two or more Art Workshops* have a 10% discount on the courses fees**, i.e.:

  • One workshop = 655+45=700 Euro
  • Two workshops = 1225 Euro (instead of 1355 Euro, save 130 Euro)

*This special offer applies to a variety of our indoor Art workshops. Visit the workshop page to see if it’s included.

**This special offer cannot be combined with other promotions.

Drawing and Painting

During our classes students can learn and develop various art disciplines: for example they can choose to discover the fundamentals of the portrait and its secrets, they can apply themselves to drawing from models posing in the nude, they can create a sketchbook of the historic Florence, they can dedicate to focus on the effect of light and shade in a still life, or they can even try to experience more unusual techniques, such as trompe-l’oeil or linoleumgraphy.

For Art novices and experienced artists

All these workshops are meant not only for capable students who wish to improve their style and their creativeness, but also for those people whose aim is to discover the principles of the various techniques.

Since classes are usually made up of 6-8 learners (maximum 10 students), most of the time during the lessons every student will be tutored individually.

If you wish to know the entry dates of each seminar please refer to page of each relevant workshop.

Dates and schedule

Each of our workshop is offered every week and takes place from Monday to Friday throughout the year, unless specified in the course page.

The workshops have a duration of 5 days, from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon, for a total amount of 30 hours of tuition (unless specified on the course page). The schedule is as follows:

  • 10am-1pm from Monday to Friday and 1.30pm-5pm from Monday to Thursday.

In the event of the cancellation of any of our Art Workshop for reasons beyond our control, we strongly advise participants to acquire a travel insurance that covers the loss of any amounts paid for airfare and accommodation.


Please let us know your requests regarding dates, schedules and duration for the course your group wishes to attend and we will reply you with all the details regarding special prices, schedules and extra-curricular activities.

Easy date change

Do you want to be able to change your course dates at any time? Purchase for 50 Euro our “EASY DATE CHANGE” option and you will be able to change or move the date of your workshop up to 24 hours before class starts. This option will allow you to make up to a maximum of two course start date changes without losing your booking.
Notification of date changes can be made easily by sending an email to or by sending a Whatsapp message to +39 351 2754681 with at least 24 hours notice before the start of the lessons.
Sketchbook of Florence featured

Sketchbook in Florence and Landscape

If you like to discover the poetry and the magic of Florence as well as the relaxing atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside, this is your workshop!

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Portrait and Self-portrait

If you wish to improve your style and your creativeness, but also if you aim to discover the fundamentals of the portrait and its secrets.

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male figure drawing

Life Drawing and Painting

Male and female models posing in the nude for your direct observation of the human body to develop the study of anatomy and of shades.

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oil painting workshop

Oil Painting workshop

Learn the Oil Painting techniques of the Renaissance and Impressionist painters.

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Tempera painting

Tempera and Renaissance techniques

Learn to master the egg tempera and other ancient techniques.

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acrylic painting

Acrylic painting workshop

Learn all the potentials of this medium: how to apply colors in thin layers or washes to create watercolor effects or how to build thick layers of paint that can create relief features.

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Sanguine drawing

Classical Drawing

A full immersion in classical Drawing techniques to focus on the effect of light and shade, the “chiaroscuro”, as well as on gradations and nuances. For novices and advanced.

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Historical Painting Workshop

Historical Painting Workshop

Discover how the great masters painted. Let your artistic journey begin!

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Watercolor by John Reiss


A full immersion in the delicate colors of the Florentine buildings, a study of light tones along the river Arno and its historical bridges.

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oil pastels

Oil pastels

Learn through practical exercises multiple techniques of mark making with an insight into the potentials of pastel sketching and drawing.

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painting from life 2

Vibrant Art/Still life

Unleash your artistic potential with our Drawing and Painting from Life course. Learn to capture the beauty of objects through accurate representation.

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Fresco painting 1


An intensive study of this old painting technique that in the 14th century gained more and more importance among the Fine Arts.

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Trompe l'oeil collage

Trompe l'oeil

If you want to create tridimensional visual effects, this workshop will take you deep inside this technique originated in the 15th century.

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sculpture 3


Discover the fundamentals of the sculpture: bas-relief, sculpture in the round and coil technique.

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Abstract painting workshop

Move beyond realism and practice different kinds of non-representational art such as geometric abstraction, lyrical abstraction and partial abstraction

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Color dripping

Fluid and drip painting

Learn how to drip, pour or sprinkle paint onto the canvas in order to create unexpected combinations of liquid colors.

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mixed media feature

Mixed media

Discover the potentials of mixing different media in one artwork.

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fashion illustration

Fashion Illustration

Learn how to sketch garments and fabrics, as well as how to translate an image or shape into a fashion illustration.

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Learn how to create decorations with the effect of marble, wood and semiprecious stones.

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Art in the museums 2

Art in the museums of Florence

Draw and paint some of the masterpieces of the Italian art inside the most famous museums and gardens of Florence.

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Drawing from a photo

Drawing and/or Painting from a photo

This seminar will teach you to create a painting or a drawing out of your favourite photographs.

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Flower painting

Floral Painting

Bring on your canvas the ephemeral beauty of a flower,learn how to paint its colourful image, improve your artistic skills express your creativity.

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Fresco painting of a cat

Animal Painting

Bring on your canvas the beauty and tenderness of your favourite pet while honing your artistic skills and expressing your creativity.

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Illustration 3

Illustration workshop

For those who want to approach the art of illustration: all the fundamentals in order to undertake a career in this field and reach a personal style.

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Linoleum 1


A workshop for learning the different kinds of printing effects that an artist can create through the application of this technique.

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Landscape 2

Landscape, Wildlife and Marine

Draw and paint with a small group of artists in the heart of Florence, in the Tuscan countryside, in a wildlife reserve and in front of the sea.

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Painting in Tuscany

Painting Tuscany

Draw and paint in Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena and Arezzo

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Architecture drawing

Cityscape and architecture

Free-hand sketching of cityscapes, townscapes, skylines and any architectural elements

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Scenography workshop

Learn how to envision and sketch various types of sceneries and costumes for movies and plays.

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costume small

Costumes and drapery workshop

Learn how to sketch clothes and draperies

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Marine painting

Art class in front of the sea

A day of Art drawing and painting the seashore and the cliffs of Castiglioncello

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5 techniques in 5 days

Study five Art techniques in five days: choose among a wide variety of techniques and subjects.

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Combined 1

Combined Art Workshop

Studying the technique you like: combine 10 hours of private lessons with 14 hours of study in the core class.

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