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Preparatory course for applicants to the Italian Fine Arts Academies

How to pass successfully the admission exam

Preparatory course

Accademia del Giglio has a proven track record in organizing training courses aimed at helping foreign students learn strategies and tips which can be very useful to pass the admission Exam to the major Academies of Fine Arts in Italy, such as Florence, Brera, Carrara, Naples, Rome, Urbino.

Admission exams take place every year in late September or early October, but please do not forget that application deadlines for most academies are normally between July and August. So, if you wish to enroll, we strongly recommend you complete all the application procedures before the deadline established by each academy. To find out the deadline of each academy please contact us.

Our preparatory courses are held all year round and they are meant to prepare students to attend their academic studies and assist them in choosing the major they wish to take (Painting, Sculpture, Decoration, Design or Graphics). During classes students will take mock exams,  they will focus on the drawing of the nude human figure, they will have conversations in Art History, they will hone their artistic skills and they will apply themselves to any activities which may be deemed as necessary for training for the Admission Exam. At the end of the course students will feel confident and ready to sit the tests.

Accademia del Giglio staff can also assist students in providing them with all the necessary information regarding the bureaucratic and administrative aspects of the application procedures to the Academies of Fine Arts.


14 hours per week

BA1, 1 week, 14 hours €195
BA2, 2 weeks, 28 hours €380
BA4, 4 weeks, 56 hours €680
BA8, 8 weeks, 112 hours €1280
BA12, 12 weeks, 168 hours €1845
Enrolment fee €45

20 hours per week

BA1+, 1 week, 20 hours €265
BA2+, 2 weeks, 40 hours €530
BA4+, 4 weeks, 80 hours €950
BA8+, 8 weeks, 160 hours €1710
BA12+, 12 weeks, 240 hours €2490
Enrolment fee €45

Course price includes

Basic Art material: normal paper, pencils and spare material.

Entry dates

The course starts any Monday

Course code: BA1 or BA1+
14 or 20 hours of lesson.

Course code: BA4 or BA4+
4 weeks, 56 or 80 hours

Course code: BA8 or BA8+
8 weeks, 112 or 160 hours

Course code: BA12 or BA12+
12 weeks, 168 or 240 hours


14 hours per week: Monday through Thursday, from 1:30pm to 5:00pm.

20 hours per week: Monday through Thursday, from 11:30am to 1:00pm and from 1:30pm to 5:00pm.

Each morning and Friday open Art studio until 2:00 pm.

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Preparatory course for applicants to the Fine Arts Academies

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