Fine Arts, Art History and Italian language courses in Florence

Italian language courses in small classes

Intensive language courses in group

Italian in small groups

Our classes are very small (max. 7 people) and are held in a peaceful area of the city centre. We feel that small class sizes are essential to facilitate the learning process and ensure that focus is placed on the learning requirements of the individual student, and on helping him/her to overcome any difficulties in a friendly environment, whilst the range of courses on offer allows the student to adapt the programme to their individual needs.

There are seven levels: beginner, elementary, pre intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced, proficiency, according to the European Language Portfolio.

Intensive Italian language courses

Intensive Italian language courses take place all year round, from Monday to Friday, usually from 9.30am to 1.30pm (20 hours a week) or from 9.30am to 1.30pm (10 hours per week).

Students take a placement test in order to be placed at an appropriate level.

Our Italian language courses for non-beginners normally start every Monday (for beginners courses please refer to the entry dates on the application form). Each student is encouraged to take a short test before starting a course so that his/her language needs can be ascertained, and it can be ensured that they are placed in a group of a similar level of ability and knowledge. On completion of a course the student will be awarded an attendance certificate by the AdG; in addition, the students are also offered the opportunity to take the officially recognised tests.

Super-Intensive Italian language courses

Super-Intensive Italian language courses
These courses offer a combined programme of intensive Italian language followed by one-to-one tuition. Mornings are spent in the core class (beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, post-intermediate, advanced, proficiency). In the afternoon students take individual lessons and can choose from a number of special modules appropriate for their level.

Tuition fees

Intensive in group

L1/4 1 week, 4 hrs a day €180
L2/4 2 weeks, 4 hrs a day €340
L4/2 4 weeks, 2 hrs a day €340
L4/4 4 weeks, 4 hrs a day €590
L8/4 8 weeks, 4 hrs a day €1140
L3m/4 12 weeks, 4 hrs a day €1690
L6m4/4 24 weeks, 4 hrs a day €2990
Enrolment fee €45


L1/5 1 week, 4 hrs a day + 1 hr private €330
L1/6 1 week, 4 hrs a day + 2 hrs private €480
L4/5 4 weeks, 4 hrs a day + 1 hr private €1170
Enrolment fee €45

Course price includes

Course material
Guided visits
Assessment test and final exam
A certificate at the end of the course


The course can start any Monday.


Monday – Friday
9.30am – 10.50pm
11.10pm – 1.30pm

Private classes in the afternoon

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Intensive Italian language courses in group

Super-intensive Italian language courses: group+private

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Course feature

Classes are small to maximise learning
Average number of students: 5
Maximum number of students per class: 7

Italian Language classes are offered at all levels, from those students who are just beginning to those with a more advanced comprehension of the language.

Students will be tested on arrival and placed at suitable level.

At the end of each month, all students sit a written exam.

If the student is successful, he/she is then allowed to proceed to a more advanced level.

Students are required to attend their classes on a regular basis.

Credits and certificates

Accademia del Giglio recommends that students who would like to receive credit for their studies abroad check with their university or college prior to registration.
As most universities and colleges consider 15 hours of study per term to be an acceptable level, we offer classes which provide the equivalent of 5 hours of credit per term for the study of the Italian language, along with optional hours for those students who wish to study other modules such as the history of art, studio art, etc. Please click here for more detailed information.

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  • The two months that I spent at the Accademia del Giglio were two of the most colourful and inspirational months of my life. (more…)
  • I should have written earlier to tell you how much I appreciated my stay in Firenze, your school and your teaching that really was superb. You managed to explain those difficult grammatical points that so far have been rather foggy in my mind.