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Fashion Illustration workshop

Fashion Illustration workshop

Fashion illustration

Fashion illustration is an essential technique every designer needs to master if he/she wishes to brainstorm his/her ideas on paper, visualize them and eventually design them.

This seminar aims at teaching students how to sketch garments and fabrics, as well as how to translate an image or shape which is already in their mind into a fashion illustration.

The first lessons will aim at introducing you the basics of freehand sketching, focusing mainly on flat sketches, artistic anatomy, croquis and life drawing , which can be considered as the access key towards the creation of the “blueprint” of your fashion design with basic solid lines.

Tonal rendering will be taught subsequently in order to enhance the volume and dimensionality of your fashion sketch and also to better illustrate clothing on a figure (normally with 9-head or 10-head proportion). In addition to that you will learn to define and sketch different poses, on which you will then experiment with the placing of various clothes.

Afterwards you will learn how to use mediums such as gouache, markers, pastels, and ink  in order to bring colors to your garments as well as to render the fabrics and the silhouettes. All this will be an important requisite before you start to explore, sketch out your own ideas and find your style, also through the contamination of other media.

Students can also dedicate part of their lessons to the study and practice of fabric and texture painting.

At the end of this intensive workshop students will have acquired a sound knowledge of the major fashion illustration techniques and they will feel ready to create their own personal portfolio as well as to start their own personal artistic career in the field of fashion illustration.

This 5-day seminar is therefore recommended to all those who wish to approach the subject of  fashion illustration  and it is held by our qualified and experienced teachers every week throughout the year.

This workshop is available every Monday all year round

Price and details


1 week, 30 hours, 655 Euro
2 weeks, 60 hours, 1180 Euro (instead of 1310 Euro, save 130 Euro)
Enrolment fee: 45 Euro

Course price includes

  • the use of all the necessary materials and tools;
  • a certificate at the end of the course.

Suggested Art material.

Starting dates and schedule

Classes start every Monday all year round.

Schedule: 10am-1pm from Monday to Friday and 1.30pm-5pm from Monday to Thursday.

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