Fine Arts, Art History and Italian language courses in Florence

Long Term academic course of Visual Arts

A two-year programme in Fine Arts

The course was conceived after meeting with the several requests of students who had attended our 9-unit course and wanted to go on training and mastering their skills in different visual art fields. Therefore, AdG school created a two-year study programme whose aim is to provide the students the essential tools and the necessary knowledge to advance in their art studies.

Classical art techniques such as drawing and painting will be taught along with more modern visual art disciplines, such as graphics, comics and illustration. The use of different materials as well as the in-depth study of various and dissimilar subjects are meant to motivate the students and encourage them to cope with this exhaustive art syllabus.

The entire course has a duration of 2 academic years, during which students will approach, learn and practice the different techniques for drawing, painting, art graphics, illustration and comics.

Students can choose to attend:

  • the basic programme, 504 hours of tuition per year (14 hours of class every week);
  • the intensive programme, 720 hours of tuition per year (20 hours of class every week).

Price and details


ACB, 2 years, 1008 hours, €10480
ACB+, 2 years, 1440 hours, €14180
Enrolment fee €45

Course price includes

Basic Art material: normal paper, pencils.
certificate of attendance will be issued to those students who have attended at least 80% of the overall lessons.

Suggested Art supplies.


Classes are held from Monday to Thursday:

  • ACB from 1.30pm to 5.00pm;
  • ACB+ from 11.30am to 1.00pm and from 1:30pm to 5.00pm.

Each week students will attend 14 or 20 hours of tuition, inclusive of 2 hours of life drawing with living models.

Every morning from 9.30am and on Friday afternoon (until 2pm) students will be welcome to work and train their art skills in the studio, as long as the school does not need the studio for a special course/lecture.


On demand it is possible to pay for the tuition fees by 3-month instalments: for further details please contact the school registry.

Entry dates

June 1st 2020 – May 2022
Expiring date for enrollment: May 2020

September 7th 2020 – August 2022
Expiring date for enrollment: August 2020

October 5th 2020 – September 2022
Expiring date for enrollment: September 2020

January 11th 2021 – December 2022
Expiring date for enrollment: December 2020

If you need to start on a different date, please contact us.


A period of school leave or holiday can be arranged directly with the school management upon enrolling or with a 4 weeks’ warning. In case students are not able to attend part of the course owing to medical problems or to private reasons, they can ask to have their lessons rescheduled in the next classes, provided they can present a valid proof for their absence.


There are no requisites for admission, but since each seminar is taught in either Italian or English, a working knowledge of either language is required.

Maximum number of students per class: 10.

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