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Drawing and/or Painting from a photo

Paint a portrait from your favourite picture

Drawing and/or Painting from a photo

Photography and Painting

This seminar will teach you how to create a painting or a drawing out of a photograph.

You can paint or draw from your favourite pictures, or our teacher can advise you on the subjects you may like to represent.

You will learn the secrets for portraying people or animals or even depicting landscapes and still lives from photos. In addition to that you will also find out that you can either highlight or fade some details of a picture according to your creativity.

Needless to say that you will concetrate on the drawing/painting fundamentals such as proportions,  tones, shapes, colour sharpening and fading, as well as the process of “finishing”. Last but not least, you will also deal with fundamentals of photography, that will let you discover how a noteworthy artwork can come out of a good photograph.

No specific artistic skills or background are required to attend this course

Price and details


Special price for Summer 2020: 30% discount on this Art Workshop:

1 week, 30 hours €449 (instead of €640)
2 weeks, 60 hours, €869 (instead of €1235)

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Course price includes

  • the use of all the necessary materials and tools with the exception of canvases and oil colors;
  • a certificate at the end of the course.
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