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Mixed media workshop

Mixed media workshop

Different media: one artwork

Mixed media art is a rather recent genre compared to other art techniques. It was just a century ago when Picasso created the first modern artwork to be considered mixed media, the well known collage Still Life with Chair Caning. Since then many other artists have approached this new type of visual art, in which more than one medium or material can be used in order to create unusual and unexpected effects.

During this seminar students will discover the potentials of mixing different media (i.e. acrylics, watercolors, oils, pastels)  in just one artwork. They will learn how to create a painting by also employing new materials, such as for example clothes, ropes, ribbons, photographs and cardboard.

Discover the potentials of mixing different media in one artwork

Under the guidance of our Art instructors they will approach and practice the most widespread types of mixed media, namely the collage (where different materials are combined together) and the assemblage (a 3-dimensional variant of the collage where elements jut in or out of the painting).

At the end of this workshop students will have acquired not only new artistic skills but also a new awareness that the work in progress is essential for their creativity, because the artistic process unfolds together with the different art media.

Students can also try to approach the various “materic” or textured painting techniques such as the impasto (the  straight layering of paint), the sand and painting mixture or any other mixtures with different fabrics, metal, plastic, paper, cardboard etc.

Part of this workshop can also be dedicated to development and implementation of a personal project.

This workshop is open both to intermediate students who wish to explore and experiment new techniques and to professional artists who are eager to take on a unique challenge that may broaden their horizons of creativity.

Duration of the workshop: 5 days, Monday-Friday, 30 hours of tuition in total.

Classes are held either in Italian or in English.

This workshop is available every Monday all year round

Price and details


1 week, 30 hours, 705 Euro
2 weeks, 60 hours, 1270 Euro (instead of 1410 Euro, save 140 Euro)
3 weeks, 90 hours, 1905 Euro (instead of 2115 Euro, save 210 Euro)
4 weeks, 120 hours, 2540 (instead of 2820 Euro, save 280 Euro)
Enrolment fee: 45 Euro

Course price includes

  • the use of all the necessary materials and tools;
  • a certificate at the end of the course.

Schedule and starting dates

Classes start every Monday all year round.

Schedule: 10am-1pm from Monday to Friday and 1.30pm-5pm from Monday to Thursday.

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