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Scenography workshop

Scenography workshop

Scenic design sketchbook

Scenography is a discipline that includes several subjects such as scenic design, lighting design, sound design, costume design. This workshop has been conceived to help those students who wish to focus their studies mainly on scenic and costume design by developing their freehand drawing skills.

Students will learn how to envision and sketch various types of sceneries and costumes for movies and plays. They will try to produce creative ideas that best fit the content they wish to develop with visual elements. Since our imagination is mostly visual, students will be encouraged to use their visual creativity through a process of discovery.

Step by step they will be taught to find out what elements are more suitable to represent the setting as well as the atmosphere that they wish to sketch and later draw or even paint with more details, also by using the trompe l’oeil technique. In practice, firstly students will brainstorm their ideas on paper in order to visualize them and secondly they will design them.

Especially for costume design classes students will start by choosing a male or female character from a script or from a novel and they will try to think of a costume that may outline his or her personality. They will also do some research in order to find out more about the character’s story, status and environment.  Subsequently students will draw some preliminary sketches, which they will develop them into more elaborated drawings by adding details and some colors.

Students will eventually paint final sketches (also called renderings) with watercolors or acrylic paints.

This 5-day seminar (30 hours of small group tuition) is therefore recommended to all those who wish to approach the subjects of scenic and costume design and it is held by our qualified and experienced teachers every week throughout the year.

This workshop is available every Monday all year round

Price and details


1 week, 30 hours, 655 Euro
2 weeks, 60 hours, 1180 Euro (instead of 1310 Euro, save 130 Euro)
Enrolment fee: 45 Euro

Course price includes

  • the use of all the necessary materials and tools;
  • a certificate at the end of the course.

Starting dates and schedule

Classes start every Monday all year round.

Schedule: 10am-1pm from Monday to Friday and 1.30pm-5pm from Monday to Thursday.

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