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Trompe l’oeil workshop

How to create awesome painting effects!

Trompe l’oeil workshop

The technique of hyperrealism

During this course students will be introduced to a brief study and analysis of the most celebrated artworks, by showing them the mastery and expertise in this technique of some famous painters. Afterwards each student will put into practice what he/she has learnt by creating his/her own trompe l’oeil work.

Consequently, the students’ task will be challenging: they will have to take into account the natural size of the objects, make use of the perspective theories, consider the position of the observer towards the fictitious space, as well as create a tridimensional effect through the use of lights and shades.

Some history

This conspicuous technique originates in the 15th century from the encounter of the Italian perspective with the Flemish realistic paintings. As the meaning of the French expression clearly tells (“trompe-l’oeil”), its explicit aim is to “deceive the eye” of the observer.

The first unreal objects were actually painted on a wall and represented every-day-life things on a fictitious table or shelf. The trompe-l’oeil technique became more refined and elaborate later in the Baroque period, during which hunting trophies, perching birds, precious cabinets, game tables and several other sophisticated artistic objects were often painted for aristocratic families and rich merchants.

Price and details


Special price for Summer 2020: 30% discount on this Art Workshop:

1 week, 30 hours €449 (instead of €640)
2 weeks, 60 hours, €869 (instead of €1235)

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Course price includes

  • a certificate at the end of the course;
  • the use of all the necessary materials and tools with the exception of canvases and oil colors.

Art material is not included.

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