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Illustration workshop

How to learn to communicate with images

Illustration workshop

The illustration techniques

This course aims at providing each student with a basic although exhaustive knowledge of the illustration technique, which is regarded as one of the oldest artistic expressions.

The first lessons will introduce the fundamentals of drawing, that is artistic anatomy, still life, life drawing and perspective.

Students will then study and practise the main media, such as water colour, egg tempera, acrylic, pastels, pencils, Indian ink, chalks. During theses classes students will also learn to employ two or more of the above-mentioned techniques on the same artwork .

Another major subject of the workshop will be the study of the reaction of the various media on different supports, such as coarse and smooth paper, cardboard, wood, fabric and other materials that can be used as painting supports.

Some lessons will also be dedicated to the learning of decorative patterns and elements, whose aim is to to enrich the image and therefore render the illustration more meaningful and more effective.

Those who are interested in linoleumgraphy can devote part of their classes to the study of this medium.

At the end of this foundation seminar the students will have acquired a sound knowledge of the major illustration techniques and they will feel confident in undertaking their own personal artistic career in the field of illustration.

This 5-day workshop is therefore recommended to all those who wish to approach to the study of  illustration techniques and it is held by our qualified and experienced teachers.

Price and details


ILL, 1 week, 30 hours €595
Enrolment fee €45

Course price includes

  • the use of all the necessary materials and tools with the exception of canvases and oil colors;
  • a certificate at the end of the course.

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