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5 techniques in 5 days

5 techniques in 5 days

Every day a different technique

We came up with the idea of this workshop when we realized that several of our students who had only one or two weeks to dedicate to their Art studies, were eager to make best use of this short period and they wanted to experience as many subjects and media as possible during their intensive course of Art. So we have conceived this 30-hour workshop over 5 days, during which each student can decide to study up to a maximum of 5 techniques/subjects among the following ones:


  • pencil drawing;
  • charcoal, sanguine and trois crayons;
  • soft and oil pastels;
  • watercolor;
  • acrylic painting;
  • oil painting;
  • tempera;
  • sculpture with clay;
  • fresco;
  • fluid and drip painting.


  • portrait;
  • landscape and cityscape;
  • still life;
  • life drawing and figure painting;
  • decoration;
  • abstract painting.

Considering that each of our class groups usually comprise 8 people, participants are given the opportunity to choose to study the techniques as well as the subjects they are interested in so that they can attend a course tailored to their needs, abilities and experience.

Our Art teachers will tutor each student and will arrange an Art program in accordance with her/his goals.

Therefore students are encouraged to opt for the media they wish to concentrate on as well as for the subjects they are keen to study. On their first day of class they will have a brief interview with one of our Art instructors, with whom they will settle a 5-day program that may suit their artistic curiosity and concerns.

This workshop is ideal for beginners who wish to approach the fundamentals of different techniques as well as for advanced students who want to gauge their versatility in visual arts.

Duration of the workshop: 5 days, Monday-Friday, 30 hours of tuition in total.

Classes are held either in Italian or in English.

This workshop is available every Monday all year round

Price and details


1 week, 30 hours, 705 Euro
2 weeks, 60 hours, 1270 Euro (instead of 1410 Euro, save 140 Euro)
Enrolment fee: 45 Euro

Course price includes

  • the use of all the necessary materials and tools;
  • a certificate at the end of the course.

Schedule and starting dates

Classes start every Monday all year round.

Schedule: 10am-1pm from Monday to Friday and 1.30pm-5pm from Monday to Thursday.

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