Fine Arts, Art History and Italian language courses in Florence


Those are some of the letters and emails we received from our former students.

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Italian language students


Christine - New Zealand

Essentially it was your high level of professionalism that struck me. From the out set, when you first communicated with me over the Net, your tone, manner & attitude were impressive and so on my arriving in Florence I KNEW that I was in ‘good hands’!!
And from Day One of my arrival EVERYTHING went SO well and I consequently had a WONDERFUL 2 weeks – 2 weeks that will NEVER be forgotten !!
But it was not only your organisation of your school that was so good, but also the choice of staff who were appropriately placed to match the level of their students. For me the Beginner Italian classes were It fun, non threatening and a pleasure to attend each day + I learnt a lot!!
And finally, the Art History Course was FANTASTIC for again you had selected a teacher who was able to provide us with just the right amount of information + interest + challenge.

Anthony M. Barbuto - Florida, USA

Taking one-on-one Italian lessons via SKYPE for the past year with ADG has been an extraordinary experience in my learning development – one that has been both enriching and personal. The convenience of logging online from the United States to conference with a language school in the heart of Florence has allowed me to get further in my studies than I otherwise would have. I am fortunate that ADG offers this service where from the Untied States I can take advantage of learning not only from native Florentine speakers, but also from highly accredited instructors.

Vito - USA

Caro Amici,
Thank you for the season greeting. It was a pleasure to visit with you in October. I often think it would have been great if I had known of your school a few years earlier. then I would perhaps be more fluent in italian. After we left you,in October, we went and visited the birth places of our parents. We went to Avigliano to find our mother’s birth place and we found relatives we did not know we had. Thank goodness for Geroge’s italian, which he learned at your school, we had a wonderful time. The relatives were very impressed with his speaking ability and understanding of the language. They treated us like lost relatives, with much food, wine, home
made pasta, fruit,laughter, and GRAPPA. O fcourse only a little GRAPPA. They said it was “come un festa”, like Christmas. It was a wonderful time, and I thought Accademia del Giglio had a part in making it possible.
I wish you the best for the new year and always.

Sincerely, Vito
P.S. Wish I could have said all of this in italian.

Njanja - Serbia

Congratulations on your 10th year Anniversary

I am very honoured and proud to have been your student twice in these ten years…I regret missing a year (2004) but I hope from this year on I’ll be able to renew the experience!
And to all the students who are packing their bags to come as we speak,and to all of those who are still only thinking about it,I can say that coming to Firenze and not attending Accademia del Giglio would be like a puzzle missing a piece or like a story missing its’ plot.You not only give us the opportunity to learn the language…you make us LOVE it to the core,you give your students a chance to get to know italian culture an poetry,and yes,for the talented and brave ones,even painting.You are our friends while we’re there and even afterwords which am particularly happy about.
Being at Accademia del Giglio adds a wonderful flavour to the experiance of getting to know the most beautiful city ever-Firenze.

I am hoping to see you all soon!
My very best wishes,

Carole - Ireland

Thank you for a wonderful few days painting love to everyone especially Begonia and please wish Ann Foley all the best with her debut show on Wednesday.

Love Carole S.

Hannah - UK

“The two months that I spent at the Accademia del Giglio were two of the most colourful and inspirational months of my life. The teachers were so personable and enthusiastic (except Roberto, early in the morning) and classes were relaxed, yet productive; I have never learnt so much in such a fun atmosphere. What with the classes being so small, you really get to know your fellow students and I made some very close friends from all over the world during my time there – friendships that have really enriched my life. I can recommend no other language school as highly as this one.”
Hannah xxx

Anna R. - USA

We believe V. had a wonderful experience during her stay in Florence, Italy with your school and her host family. We thank you for all your help and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by our bank’s inefficiency in regards to our rent payment. All in all, this has been a great experience for us and we thank you once again.
Kind regards,

V. did arrive home safe and there were plenty of hugs and kisses. Please thank Ms. Cecilia for all her help at the airport in such short notice. I was very proud of V.’s calmness and thank God for the use of cellular phone. I was in constant contact with instructions for her during the confusion and I also believe her maturity had grown during the 4 weeks in Florence. (…)

Once again, thank you and your school for a wonderful experience and I hope V. will apply the knowledge she gained in her classes when she begins her classes in high school.

With regards,
Anna R.

Lucy P. - USA

Thank you again for a great experience at your Academy-I loved my one on one drawing class and will take home many important tips. Maestro was terrific and extremely kind and patient with me!
Thank you-Lucy P.

Tom and Kate - USA

Dear Lorenzo, Thank you for the response. John returned home Saturday telling us that his experience in Italy was very much fun and educational. He also had excellent comments regarding your school, the teachers and the administration. You should be very proud of your school. I personally thank you for the timely responses to our many email inquiries. You showed much patience and concern. Kate and I hope your school becomes known to many others and that you are successful for many years. We will be glad to recommend it to others and perhaps you will see John again. Warmest personal regards, Tom & Kate.

Lisbeth - Sweden

Dear Lorenzo, dear Roberto

Back in Sweden to a rather chaotic situation – first Easter with the whole family (18 persons) noisy, too much food, kids everywhere + dog, but wonderful – then my new apartment where the new painting and cleaning had to be redone – puh! Now things are very soon in order and I shall be able to relax.
Otherwise I should have written earlier to tell you how much I appreciated my stay in Firenze, your school and your teaching that really was superb. You managed to explain those difficult grammatical points that so far have been rather foggy in my mind. I wish I could have stayed another month or two, but maybe I can come back? I would love that. In the meantime, I am digesting what I learned and have started working with those grammatical exercise books that I bought in Firenze.
I have to tell you about a new word in the Swedish vocabulary that I found in the newspaper today: Berlusconisation, i.e. a very rich man bought a socialist newspaper, threw out the political editor, telling that leading articles could just as well be written by labour union representatives! Everybody in the media world is very upset.
Spring has finally arrived here in the Southern parts, but we still lack 3 or 4 weeks to arrive at your stage. But it will come!
Finally, should you ever come to this part of the world, come and stay with me. I have a large guest room that can house a family with 1 or 2 kids, and also a small cottage at the southern coast (at the Baltic) of Sweden. I love to have guests and summer here can be very nice, clean air, clean water, white beaches, forests for walking and mushroom hunting!
Very best regards to those nice people in my study group and love to you all,
Yours Lisbeth


Sigga and Hildur - Iceland

Attum yndislegar fjorar vikur i Florens sem vid gleymum seint.
Skemmtilegur skoli og godir kennarar.
Til hamingju med 10 ara afmaelid!
Sigga og Hildur


Ester - Brasil

Minha experiência com o curso de italiano via Skype tem sido muito positiva. Depois de 20 lições on line posso dizer que o curso é muito bem estruturado. O professor sempre muito criativo me mantem interessada e ativa durante os 45′ da lição e mesmo depois com as tarefas diárias. Com as lições várias vezes por semana tenho melhorado minha gramática e a conversação.