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Cristian Erdas

Cristian Erdas
Cristian Erdas

Art Teacher: Drawing, Painting Techniques

Born in Sardinia (Italy) in 1987.
He obtained his license as a master of art in the year 2005 at the public secondary school at the State Institute of Art “Carlo Contini” in Oristano, and then the second level diploma in applied arts of ceramics in the year 2007/2008. Matriculated in the year 2008/2009, he attended for three years the classes of the first-level course in “Visual arts” at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. In 2012 he interrupted his academic studies to resume them in 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where he undertook three-year studies in Painting, which he completed, by earning in 2020 a Level II degree in New Languages of Expression.

Employment history
2021 – present. Teacher of Drawing and Painting techniques, Sculpture at Accademia del Giglio, Florence, Italy

2020 – Exhibition at Cineca in Bologna entitled “Painting for Cineca” curated by the “Accademia Delle
Belle Arti” of Florence.
2019 – November 4-9, 2019 Exhibition at the “Accademia Delle Belle Arti” in Florence for the project “Objects of Memory”.
– June 28, 2019 exhibition at the Gallery at California State University, Fresno in Fresno, CA.
– From July 9 to September 28, 2019 group exhibition entitled “Flowers IV” at the Botanical Garden of Florence.
– From June 27 to June 30 group exhibition for the “Stibbert Prize 2019” at the Aula Ghiberti of the “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Florence.
– From March 5 to March 20, 2019, group exhibition entitled “Overture” at the ballroom of Palazzo Bastogi, Florence.
– From Jan. 17 to Feb. 28, 2019, group exhibition entitled “Meine Zukunft” (My Future) at the Faches Kunst der PH, Heimann Stiftung foundation in Heidelberg, Germany.
2018 – November 25, group exhibition at the Bomben spaces of the Benetton Foundation, Treviso, with
the exhibition entitled “Her story is Our story”, dedicated to violence against women.
– Aug. 1 to 12, art residency curated by the Heimann Stiftung foundation (Heidelberg, Germany) at Civitella D’Agliano (VT).
– April 6 to 19, exhibition with artist Fabrizio Lucchesi at Studio Bong Firenze, in Florence, Italy.
2017 – From Dec. 2, 2017, to Feb. 18, 2018, group exhibition “Materia Montelupo” at the Palazzo Podestarile in Montelupo Fiorentino.
– October 28 to November 11, 2017 selected for the second Enegan Biennial of the Academies of Fine Arts of Florence and Carrara.

Mother language: Italian
Fluent English