Fine Arts, Art History and Italian language courses in Florence

Crash courses of Italian language on the weekend

Learn the maximum amount of Italian in the shortest possible time

Italian full immersion

Classes are normally held at weekends, but on your demand they can also be taken on weekdays or on different dates, for example on a series of Saturdays or Sundays, either once per week or once per fortnight. The training days of your language course do not need to be consecutive.

1-day course (6 or 8 hours)
2-day course (12 or 16 hours)
3-day course (18 or 24 hours)

The number of hours can be modified since the crash course is designed to be built around your busy schedule in Florence.

Classes can be taught either on a one-to-one or on a two-to-one tuition basis. In the latter case applicants must have roughly the same level of knowledge of Italian.

One term combined programme


Each Crash Course is held by 2 experienced and qualified teachers. The programme is monitored and controlled by Lorenzo Capanni, the Assistant Director.
After registering you will receive a student needs analysis to be filled out and returned to us. We will use this information to ensure that wherever possible the course will cover your specific needs.

Italian on your demand

You can design your own schedule and programme with us, by also choosing some of the following modules, which you may find useful or interesting for you:

· Prepositions and verbs
· Pronouns and verbs
· Specific Italian
· Business Italian
· Italian through Literature
· The use of the subjunctive
· Italian and the fashion industry
· Italian through the study of History of Art
· Conversation Italian
· Italian through the movies
· Grammar reassess

Crash Italian + visits to museums

You can decide to spend a part of your lessons visiting some of the most important museums of Florence such as Uffizi, the Bargello National Museum, the National Academy Gallery, the Medici Chapels, the San Marco Museum, the churches devoted to Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce..

All-inclusive prices

In addition to the Course the price includes the enrolment fee, textbook, Wi-Fi connection at school, hot beverages, snacks, lunches in a cafeteria near the school with the teacher.


Crash Courses take place in a specially resourced classroom. There is a coffee and tea machine and a laptop with internet connection on hand. Two newspapers, “La Repubblica” e “Il Corriere della Sera”, will be provided daily and you will also practice your Italian through our many exercises and articles on our Blog (



Crash6, 1 day, 6 hrs €250
Crash12, 2 days, 12 hrs €460
Crash18, 3 days, 18 hrs €690
Crash14 + Museums, 2 days, 14 hrs€590
Enrolment fee €45

Course price includes

Course material
Hot beverages and snacks
A certificate at the end of the course

Reception formalities

Reception formalities are completed at the school on first day when students meet the Assistant Director. They are then introduced to their morning class teacher and receive a personal folder containing a detailed course programme plus other useful general information.


At the end of the Course every student is awarded a certificate of attendance with a detailed report on their work during the course and level of attainment (according to the European Language Portfolio). In addition advice is given on what, in our opinion, is the next stage necessary to further improve their level of Italian.

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