Fine Arts, Art History and Italian language courses in Florence

One-to-one and Two-to-One Italian language courses

Italian tailored lessons

Tailored Italian lessons

By choosing a one-to-one approach the student will have lessons tailored to his/her personal language needs.

A personal tutor will be on hand throughout the day and also in the evenings, in order to help the student maximize opportunities to learn the Italian language.

The learning programme and the timetable can be therefore fitted to the needs of the individual student.

One-to-one and two-to-one tuition are aimed at those people who want to learn Italian, but have busy schedules which prevent them from undertaking more rigidly scheduled language courses.

By adopting a more flexible, personal approach the student can gain an in-depth understanding of everyday Italian (both written and spoken), with minimal disruption.

It is also possible to attend classes in the weekends: please refer to this page.

Moreover, private lessons can also carry on after your stay in Florence has finished, since you will be given the opportunity to keep in touch with your teacher through Skype: please refer to On-line Italian language courses.

Tuition fees


P/1 1 hour €40
P/1-2 1 week, 2 hrs a day or 4 weeks, 10 hrs €380
P/1-4 1 week, 4 hrs a day or 4 weeks, 20 hrs €750
P/1-6 1 week, 6 hrs a day or 4 weeks, 30 hrs €1080
Enrolment fee €45

Please note: 1 hour = 60 minutes


PT/1 1 hour €45
PT/1-2 1 week, 2 hrs a day or 4 weeks, 10 hrs €420
PT/1-4 1 week, 4 hrs a day or 4 weeks, 20 hrs €825
PT/1-6 1 week, 6 hrs a day or 4 weeks, 30 hrs €1195
Enrolment fee €45

Please note: 1 hour = 60 minutes

Course price includes

Course material
Guided visits
Assessment test and final exam
A certificate at the end of the course

Discounts and reductions

– Students enrolling in one of our Art Courses have a 10% discount on the fees shown above.


The course can start any day of the week.


Monday – Friday
Morning or afternoon

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Course feature

Italian Language classes are offered at all levels, from those students who are just beginning to those with a more advanced comprehension of the language.

Students will be tested on arrival.

At the end of the course students can sit a written exam.

Lunch or dinner with his/her own teacher in a typical Italian restaurant or pizzeria. The cost of this service (tuition + lunch/dinner) starts from €50.


Students can have up to twenty extra-curricular hours a month of group activities: viewings of Italian films, nights out, guided tours to the main monuments in Florence and to the main towns in Tuscany will provide stimulating occasions to improve the student’s vocabulary in a dynamic and enjoyable way.

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  • Essentially it was your high level of professionalism that struck me. From the out set, when you first communicated with me over the Net, your tone, manner & attitude were impressive and so on my arriving in Florence I KNEW that I was in 'good hands'!! (more…)
    ChristineNew Zealand
  • Taking one-on-one Italian lessons via SKYPE for the past year with ADG has been an extraordinary experience in my learning development – one that has been both enriching and personal. The convenience of logging online from the United States to conference with a language school in the heart of Florence has allowed me to get further in my studies than I otherwise would have. I am fortunate that ADG offers this service where from the Untied States I can take advantage of learning not only from native Florentine speakers, but also from highly accredited instructors.
    Helen P.USA