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Home Tuition

Study Italian at your teacher's home

Intensive, enjoyable and effective

If you are looking for something different – something special – then consider Home Italian. It is ideal for people who need to learn Italian language quickly, as it is very intensive. There are short courses for people with not much time and the dates are flexible. You can learn quickly because you spend more time talking to Italian native speakers and interact more with local people than on traditional Italian language courses. Most important is the flexibility to choose a teacher with the right experience for you and a friendly environment with shared interests as you.

What is Home Tuition

Home tuition is when a student stays in the home of his/her teacher. The student gets regular lessons from the teacher and these take place in the home. Home tuition is also sometimes called ‘homestay’ or ‘homestay teaching’. You get personal one-to-one teaching with a qualified, experienced teacher who is dedicated to helping you, and you get to know them very well. The lessons and materials are chosen exactly for your needs and level and they have been conceived to let you acquire a sound knowledge of the Italian language in a short period of time

Home Tuition is a good way to learn Italian

Home tuition is an excellent way to learn Italian because: you get plenty of opportunities to practice your Italian with support and encouragement both inside and outside the home. You are immersed in Italian and are learning naturally all the time. You use real Italian for real communication which gives you motivation, confidence and a real sense of achievement. You study intensively, but in a relaxed and friendly environment. You learn while you have delicious Italian meals or while you go out for shopping or for a walk with your teacher.

Duration of the course

The duration can be any length of time. Usually, the minimum is one week and most people stay for 1 – 4 weeks. Generally, students study from 15 to 40 lessons a week, which means 3 – 8 hours a day. Lessons usually take place in the morning from Monday to Friday. However, different teachers can accept different arrangements. Just let us know by e-mail which dates are preferred and the number of hours teaching required. Alternatively please do not hesitate to phone or fax us if any further information is required. Please click here for a sample schedule.

Different kind of courses

You can have an intensive General Italian course which covers all the areas necessary to become fluent in the language. Alternatively Italian for professionnals is a course for people who need to learn quickly with the help of a teacher with expertise in their specific field – executives, lawyers, teachers, flight attendants, etc.

Teachers for your approval

Before you arrive you will be sent a diagnostic Italian test which your teacher will use to assess your level and prepare material for your initial sessions. Our teachers are flexible and will adapt lessons in order to resolve specific problems. However, to ensure that lessons maintain a necessary structure, we provide the most up-to-date educational materials which are yours to keep at the end of the course.
Accademia del Giglio has a range of carefully selected teachers’ homes in Florence, the Chianti Area, the Mugello valley in other parts of Tuscany. Our primary concern is to provide you with the most suitable teacher for your requirements. On our registration form we ask for personal details so that we can recommend a host with similar interests, background and professional standing for your approval.



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At the end of the Course every student is awarded a certificate of attendance with a detailed report on their work during the course and level of attainment (according to the European Language Portfolio). In addition advice is given on what, in our opinion, is the next stage necessary to further improve their level of Italian.

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Home tuition

Accommodation and services

What are the homes like?

Teachers homes will vary, but all will be of good quality (comfortable and clean with all the basic necessities). Many homes provide luxury accommodation or extra facilities. A teacher may live on their own or with their families. Students usually get full board (three meals a day) and always eat with the teacher or family. Students get their own room where they can relax, study and sleep. (Sometimes students can choose to stay in a twin room if they are studying as a pair). Students will have access to most of the facilities at the home, but should always check with their host teacher.

What's the food like?

All the food is homemade with fresh produce. We try to let you sample real Italian food such as: lasagne, ravioli, pesto, ragù, parmigiana, tiramisù, pizzas, etc… Vegetarian meals are available on request.

What about free time?

Students can use their free time however they choose. There are usually many things to do and plenty of places to visit in Tuscany. Teachers will always give the student plenty of advice and in many cases will accompany them out on some afternoons or evenings.

Pick-up service

A member of staff will welcome the students on arrival at the station or at the airport and will take them to their teacher’s house. This service should be requested when the application form is first submitted and is available between 6am and midnight. The charge for this service vary according to the distance between the airport/station and the teacher’s house.

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