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Center for Italian Studies

Artes et Decus

The Center for Italian Studies is one of the most important departments of Accademia del Giglio. It offers its students a wide choice of studies and research activities, as well as cooperation projects with other institutes and universities from all over the world. The Centre for Italian Studies’ main aim is to motivate every single student, support her/him so that she or he can reach her/his goals with the best results.

Italian is the language of many of history’s most illustrious poets, artists, and musicians. Italy has given the world unsurpassed works of art, architecture, urban planning and industrial design, as well as influential film, fashion and gastronomy. Italy has a population of nearly 60 million and is among the seven nations with the highest gross national product.

Our Mission

The Center of Italian Study is committed to providing students with an education that prepares them to become really qualified in Italian Studies.

In order to obtain that important result we offer our students a direct and personalized relationship with a mentor and tutor, following the student in her/his graduate thesis or Ph. D dissertation, as well as papers on Italian Studies.

Our Vision

It is our aim that all students acquire the ability to understand the Italian language, its history, art, literature and culture from multiple perspectives. The development of linguistic abilities through real texts, video, and audio sources is integral to expanding students’ knowledge since it permits contact with Italian speakers.

Active participation in the language classroom provides students with the opportunity to discuss and reflect on cultural information. This linguistic ability and cultural knowledge will benefit students both in everyday interactions with their communities, studies and in their chosen careers.

Our Programs

The Center also provides a wide range of courses on Dante, Petrarca, Leopardi, Pasolini, Fo, Tabucchi, gender, women and postcolonial Italian Literature, History of Italian Language, Italian Cinema, Italian Politics and Italian Cultural Studies, philological competences on Florentine manuscripts, and specific seminars and workshops on the most important authors and cultural issues.

Our Care

We know how it is important to explain ourselves through writing. For that reason we offer courses and seminar on creative writing and poetry with Italian poets and writers.

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  • Essentially it was your high level of professionalism that struck me. From the out set, when you first communicated with me over the Net, your tone, manner & attitude were impressive and so on my arriving in Florence I KNEW that I was in 'good hands'!! (more…)
    ChristineNew Zealand
  • It was a pleasure to visit with you in October. I often think it would have been great if I had known of your school a few years earlier. then I would perhaps be more fluent in italian. (more…)