Fine Arts, Art History and Italian language courses in Florence

Art History courses

For groups and individuals

Florence is an open-air museum and as such it should be explored by our students with the help of teachers and guides.

The Renaissance in Florence (SA)
This course is meant to be a journey of rediscovery of the visual arts which flourished in Tuscany in the Renaissance period, as well as a “hands-on” approach to the work of art and its complex layers of meanings and variety of interpretations.

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The Italian garden and the Tuscan villas (SGV)
This course includes visits to some of the most famous Medici’s villas on the outskirts of Florence.

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History of Italian fashion (SIM)
This course includes visits to Florentine Museums and the Textile Museum in Prato.

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One Day Art History classes (OD)
Very intensive one-day Art History courses to visit wonderful places and musums in Florence together with one of our teachers.

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Did you know?

Since 1995 all our courses have taken place in the school premises and have been held by our qualified and experienced teaching staff. We are not a school selling courses which afterwards other schools or institutes take charge of. That is why we offer only a selected choice of courses, whose programmes and schedule have been tested and improved throughout these years.