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Interior Design and Fine Arts

Combine Fine Arts studies with Interior Design

Interior Design and Fine Arts

Interior design and Fine Arts

This program has been devised for those students who wish to combine Fine Art studies with Interior Design.

The Interior Design course is held inside an architecture and interior design firm, the Studium Architecturae. The school is considered as a laboratory where students can experience the theory together with the practice on real projects. The lessons are combined with theory, design practice, tours and site visits in Florence as well as in other Italian cities. Interior design is an all round profession that combines research, concept development, space planning, construction managements, execution of design, as well as surface treatment for the improvement of human functionality and experience of the space.

Fine arts and interior design can easily interact with each other with stunning results: in fact, while students are given the opportunity to quickly enrich their artistic portfolio, they realize that they are learning a new profession and that they are implementing their creative ideas. In this way at the end of their course of studies students will have acquired not only new artistic skills, but also a solid confidence in their own professional career.

Classes are made up of a limited number of international students so that every student can be easily tutored through her/his course of studies and she/he can better develop her/his abilities in the various subjects of the program.


Free-hand Drawing
Interior Design Lab
Survey of interior space
Furniture Design Lab
Philosophy of Design
Technology of Design
History of Art and Design
Theory of Color
Design’s Dialogues

Price and details



Design: 8 hours/week
Fine Arts: 6 hours/week

ID4, 4 weeks, 56 hours, €1500
ID8, 8 weeks, 112 hours €2730
ID12, 12 weeks, 168 hours €3650
Enrolment fee €45


Design: 12 hours/week
Fine Arts: 15 hours/week

ID4+, 4 weeks, 108 hours, €2365
ID8+, 8 weeks, 216 hours €3900
ID12+, 12 weeks, 324 hours €5650
Enrolment fee €45

Course price includes

Basic Art material: normal paper, pencil.
A certificate at the end of the course.

Please note: Art material is NOT included in the price.


Art Classes: in the morning from 10am to 1pm

Interior Design Classes: in the afternoon 2pm to 5pm

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